Gild Your Pasta With Myst’s Gold-Infused Olive Oil

Gild Your Pasta With Myst’s Gold-Infused Olive Oil

Published: August 20, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Few things say luxury more than edible gold. While it’s not exactly chomping on gold bars, well-heeled diners will be happy to hear of Myst’s newest culinary offering: gold-infused olive oil.

The premium food brand has created high-quality oil infused with 24-carat edible gold flakes. With its sparkling gold appearance, it’s sure to be the perfect accent to any meal in a gourmet restaurant.

Such luxe oil doesn’t come in just any vessel; the oil is displayed in a transparent semi-oval bottle that’s sealed with a simple black cap. The gold-free version is preserved in a similar bottle with a white top. The set is dubbed Myst-Gold and Myst-Pure, respectively, and both rest in a chic black case.

The oil itself is made with care with hand-picked olives. After being processed using a special cold extraction method, a blend of herbs are diffused with gold and added. To top it off, Myst’s extra virgin olive oil is completely pure and devoid of any chemicals or pesticides.










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