Hasselblad Introduces World’s First Mirrorless Medium-Format Camera

Hasselblad Introduces World’s First Mirrorless Medium-Format Camera

Published: June 30, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Hasselblad’s new X1D is the answer for camera pros and deep-pocketed enthusiasts who want a medium-format camera that is not only easy to use but is also lightweight and easy to carry.

The reason Hasselblad was able to reduce the size and weight of the X1D is because it got rid of the mirror most medium-format cameras use. Hasselblad launched the X1D series with its new X1D-50c, which is basically a mirrorless version of the Swedish brand’s HDC-50c, but it sports two new lenses specifically designed for the X1D’s X mount.

The X1D uses the same 42.8-by-32.9 mm, 5.3-micron-squared-pixel sensor as Hasselblad’s HDC-50c, but it’s paired with an electronic viewfinder as opposed to an optical one. This means it has the same 1.7-to-2.3 fps burst speed and 1080/30p video recording capability as its mirrored sibling.

Complete with dual SD-card slots, a dust- and weather-sealed body, and an ISO range of ISO 100 to IS0 12800, Hasselblad’s new X1D runs for $9,000. And that’s just for the body. Packaged with a XCD 45 mm f3.5 lens, it runs for $11,300, and when joined with that lens and a larger XCD 90 mm f4.5 lens, the X1D costs $14,000.

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