Netatmo Wireless Thermostat

Netatmo Wireless Thermostat

Published: November 25, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

Netatmo, a Paris-based company, and interior designer Philippe Starck have come up with a thermostat that connects with your smartphone to give you control over the temperature inside your home.

The thermostat is minimalistic in both design and function. It has colored plastic frames that are interchangeable so you can be sure the thermostat matches your home’s decor.  The simple interface displays the temperature inside your home and the temperature you wish it to be. To have more control over the climate in your house you use an app that connects with the thermostat. The app can check the energy usage of your heating and cooling and schedule times to change the temperature.

The Netatmo thermostat costs $240.

Netatmo Wireless Thermostat, Various Colors

Netatmo Wireless Thermostat, Vertical and Horizontal


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