Cybertruck Gets Off-Road, Performance Parts Courtesy of Unplugged Performance

Cybertruck Gets Off-Road, Performance Parts Courtesy of Unplugged Performance

Published: December 15, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Unplugged Performance is outfitting Tesla’s brutish Cybertruck for the elite adventurer-plutocrats who’ve preordered this electric truck, augmenting its futuristic form with a trove of upgrades to morph this angular beast into the ultimate high-tech exploration vehicle.

The most intrepid of cyber-pioneers can raise the truck’s ride height even higher with a $9,995 lift-kit for maximum ground clearance when cresting remote alien terrain, complemented with heavy-duty steel bumpers, underbody armor, and rock sliders to shield this truck’s delicate cyber-innards. More subdued yet still evoking a rugged high-tech aesthetic are sleek carbon fiber touches like the lightweight hood with integrated LED lightbar to illuminate the path ahead.

With beadlock wheels, upgraded brakes, storage racks and more, Unplugged Performance has formed a veritable catalogue of modifications promising to unlock the Cybertruck’s full potential for pioneers wishing to use their electric truck not for menial labor but rather to conquer new frontiers and earn cyber-cred exploring terrain where no millionaire has durably treaded before. As Unplugged’s CEO declares, this suite of upgrades shall “empower Cybertruck owners, equipping them to embark on extraordinary adventures and enhance inherent capabilities.”

Of course, whether any cavalcade of enhanced Cybertrucks actually venture beyond the Whole Foods parking lot remains to be seen. But the promise of one day joining an elite tribe of high-tech adventurers may just be enough cachet to entice wealthy buyers to drop six figures-plus embellishing their trucks, even if the most treacherous road eventually taken is a flooded private drive to the Hamptons.

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