Maserati Bids Farewell to V8 With Ghibli And Levante Ultima Editions

Maserati Bids Farewell to V8 With Ghibli And Levante Ultima Editions

Published: August 10, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

In a gesture that incorporated both the celebratory and the elegiac, Maserati took its V8 engine to this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed via a swan-song edition: the Ultima. Populated by two models, the Levante V8 and the Ghibli 334, the short-lived editions will represent the final regular production V8 models from the automaker.

Maserati has been producing V8-powered performance tourers since 1959. The last incarnation of the company’s eight-cylinder, a Ferrari-made biturbo that delivers 572 horsepower, is the common denominator in the Levante V8 Ultima and Ghibli 334 Ultima. The Ghibli 334 Ultima, which will be limited to 103 examples, can reach a top speed of 334 kilometers per hour, which converts to a shade under 208 MPH. That number makes it the fastest production ICE sedan going at present. The Levante V8 Ultima will see 206 examples by the end of its production run.

The two models will be produced in edition-specific colors, with special graphics. The Ghibli will be made in a shade of blue Maserati calls Persia Blu; half of the Levante V8 Ultima production run will be finished in Blu Royale, the other half in Nero Assoluto.

Both cars will have their edition emblazoned above the front wheel wells. Carbon fiber and a special tan-and-black leather interior also distinguish the V8 final production editions from Maserati.

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