Steve McQueen’s Malibu Retreat Could Be Yours for $15M

Published: July 13, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Malibu retreat of actor Steve McQueen appeared on the open market recently. The 4,335 sq. ft. modern-style home overlooks a particularly quiet cove on the western end of Broad Beach, and is priced at $14.995 million.

The house features four bedrooms and five baths across its three levels. From the highway, the boxy house presents an updated façade of multi-pane garage door, blazing white paint, and a recessed single-door entryway with an open ceiling.

The house’s interiors develop in typically Malibu fashion: it’s a luxuriously laid-back abode with an abundance of space. The modern styling continues throughout, with hardwood and angular white in equipoise.

In the primary living space, the kitchen is elevated over the living room, and features honey-toned cabinetry; below, a fireplace shows off a complex array of lines and planes. On each floor a wall of pocketing glass opens up the room to a covered terrace with a glass balustrade, allowing the saline breezes of the Pacific free entry into the home.

Up top, of course, is the master suite. The bedroom is given an extravagant amount of space in the home’s layout, and features a fireplace with a hearth seat, as well as an enormous bank of glass panes that may be retracted to open the room to a private balcony. Newer plank hardwood and a wall accented with hardwood slats dress up the upper-level spot for contemporary tastes.

During McQueen’s ownership tenure on the property, Keith Moon, the notoriously wild drummer of The Who, moved in next door. That must’ve been interesting.




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