G-Class EV: Mercedes-Benz Electrifies an Off-Road Legend

G-Class EV: Mercedes-Benz Electrifies an Off-Road Legend

Published: May 11, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

The angular silhouette and imposing stance are unmistakable—it’s the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, an automotive icon reimagined for the electric age. With the debut of the all-new G 580 with EQ Technology, the three-pointed star has infused its beloved Geländewagen with forward-thinking electrification while retaining the model’s quintessential character.

This fusion of tradition and technology is fitting for the G-Class, a vehicle that has continually evolved over its 45+ year lifespan. The G 580’s batteries are integrated into the ladder frame, melding seamlessly with the G-Wagen’s signature robustness. Four potent electric motors provide 579 horsepower with instantaneous torque, while virtual differentials optimize traction via torque vectoring.

Augmented by ELECTRIC DYNAMIC SELECT drive modes, the e-G-Wagen delivers authentic off-road prowess: climbing 100% grades, wading over 33 inches, and employing one-pedal driving to crawl over rugged terrain. Innovative G-TURN and G-STEERING further expand its capabilities, pivoting the vehicle adeptly on loose surfaces.

Equally impressive is the acoustic G-ROAR, an emotive soundtrack that rumbles with character. Inside, the luxurious cabin fuses classic details with intelligent MBUX and augmented reality navigation. Night Package and MANUFAKTUR personalization options allow bespoke expression.

Initially offered exclusively in the well-equipped EDITION ONE, the electrified G-Class upholds its go-anywhere heritage while pioneering quietly refined performance. Much like the Mercedes-Benz brand itself, the new e-G-Wagen reconciles ingenuity and tradition masterfully.

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