Bugatti Ends Centodieci Production Run With 10th and Final Example

Bugatti Ends Centodieci Production Run With 10th and Final Example

Published: January 19, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

All deliveries of Bugatti’s daring Centodieci have been fulfilled. It took about two years from the time the order book opened on the ten-example model, but the final car was delivered to its owner a few weeks ago. A fine year-end present, then.

As we discussed in August of 2019, when the model was formally introduced, the Centodieci’s wild sticker represents the ‘what the traffic will allow’ pricing evolution explored, or exploited, by Bugatti leadership. A decade ago, the celebrated Chiron came at the then-unheard-of cost of $3 million, and prices had leaped up by 100%  and a further 50% as the brand’s model evolution advanced to Divo and finally to Centodieci, a name-riff on EB110, the primary model of the first revival of the brand.

What $9 million bought envelope-pushing and/or extroverted drivers is a remarkably formal ride with the most acute and romantic visuals, a 0-124 MPH time of 6.1 seconds, and a terrifying top speed: 236 MPH. More angular and abrupt than the Chiron, the Centodieci represented a reformulation of the reborn Bugatti.

Common to all models was the W16, Bugatti’s singular and now-legendary contribution to the world of automotive engines; both a nod to the rarified power of Golden Age Bugatti and an updating of it, the motor — which could be teased out of nearly 1,600 horsepower — saw its swan song as a regular production component and brand-burnishing element of the marque when the last Centodieci was delivered.

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