Bentley Flying Spur S Gives the Esteemed Sedan a Sporty Flavor

Bentley Flying Spur S Gives the Esteemed Sedan a Sporty Flavor

Published: June 30, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Earlier this season, Bentley introduced a new sport version of the Continental: the Continental GT S. We had a feeling more models would follow as optional recipients of the new trim level, and this month the Flying Spur joined the Continental GT as an S-option tourer.

Placed relative to the automaker’s ‘Speed’ performance variants, the ‘S’ designation is generally more about visual impact than additional responsiveness and V12 thrust; it brings a reasonably priced, sport-oriented cosmetics package to the Continental GT, as well as larger wheels, a soundtrack exhaust, and Bentley’s new anti-roll system. For looks, it features gloss black and black chrome accents outside, Dinamica suede inside, and special badging throughout. The Flying Spur S will come with V8 or hybrid V6 powertrains.

Unsurprisingly, the S-package cosmetics treatment for the Flying Spur is essentially the same as that offered on the Continental GT. It includes the conversion of all brightware to gloss black, and the addition of a body kit. Wheels are 21-inch Five Tri-Spoke. Inside the car, an S-specific upholstery pattern and S emblems can be seen, as well as the addition of Dinamica panels, which bring two-tone appeal to the interiors. The City Specification comes standard on the S, and the Touring Specification can be optioned.

The S trim level adds about $30K to the V8 model pricing.

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