Denzel Washington Pays $10.9M for Spacious Combo Condo in L.A.

Denzel Washington Pays $10.9M for Spacious Combo Condo in L.A.

Published: May 5, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Denzel Washington recently acquired a cavernous condo at popular Los Angeles residential building The Century. The two-time Academy Award-winning actor invested $10.9 million in a combination unit in the Robert A.M. Stern-designed address, according to Dirt.

The unit’s total square footage runs to 8,150 sq. ft. It contains six bedrooms and eight baths. For a flat, it’s an impressively spacious property, even for such a prestigious building. Its interior design is literate, with a distinct lack of overt flash; its sensibilities find expression in neutrals and warm pastels—with the occasional judicious foray into more intense color…see the entry doors—as well as mid-toned herringbone-pattern hardwood floors.

Some of the more interesting individual details include the abstract lattice panels in brass that offer room-to-room definition in the shared living space, and the mobile-like chandelier presiding over the dining room table. A pair of fireplaces, wall niches, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking L.A., and built-in shelving can also be spotted on a pictorial tour of the residence. But the home’s most appealing individual spot may well be the sunny dayroom.

The unit’s master suite is a grand space; its bath features a marble soaking tub, while the bedroom opens to a private balcony. The unit also features a pair of privately owned cabanas.

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