Leica Q2 ‘Bond Edition’ Marks New 007 Film Release

Leica Q2 ‘Bond Edition’ Marks New 007 Film Release

Published: September 14, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

What camera model comes with a rifled lens cap? Why, the Leica Q2 007 Edition, of course! The limited-edition rangefinder is a prelude to the next installment in the indestructible and peculiarly high-profile secret agent’s hijinks, the soon-to-be-released No Time To Die.

Leica unveiled the Q2 007 Edition on September 9th, which is ‘Bond Day’ according to Leica. The camera features a newly-designed OLED high-resolution viewfinder — ideal for a view to a kill, or just a view of a particularly fine mountain landscape — as well as an autofocus system that homes in within milliseconds. It can shoot 10 frames per second. We’re betting even Bond can’t shoot that fast.

The camera’s exterior is wrapped in green leather. It comes in a package that includes a protective briefcase, a matching shoulder strap and handgrip, and a certificate of authenticity. Only 250 will be sold—at $7,995 a pop.

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