Ultimate Toys Celebrates 1,000th Delivery As Shifting Customer Tastes Heavily Favor Luxury Sprinter Conversions

Ultimate Toys Celebrates 1,000th Delivery As Shifting Customer Tastes Heavily Favor Luxury Sprinter Conversions

Published: June 17, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Sprinter conversion specialist Ultimate Toys just delivered its 1000th Sprinter. And it’s cause for celebration, especially as the impressive milestone was reached in only four short years of operation. The company, which has grown to be the largest distributor of luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, makes some of the most versatile vehicles on the market today. Each Sprinter van offers a range of customization options to suit its buyer and is designed to be adaptable to any occasion.

The origins of the company only date back to 2017, when Gary Green, the man who would become the founder of Ultimate Toys, couldn’t find the solution he needed as a family man and serial entrepreneur identified a burgeoning niche. So, in developing the company’s catalog, versatility became the common denominator.

The millesimal Ultimate Toys Sprinter was delivered this spring to John Pawelski of Dayton, Ohio. Pawelski, a retired police officer, is the owns and runs Full Circle Recovery Services, an end-to-end addiction treatment services provider. John explains, “We invested in purchasing an Ultimate Toys Sprinter for the leadership team because we knew the amount of work we could get done on trips between our various facilities would be of immeasurable value in hours saved on productivity.”

“We couldn’t be happier than to be delivering this Sprinter to someone like John who understands the importance of and is dedicated to the selfless caring and support of those who need it,” said Green about the special occasion.

There’s reason to believe there could be more celebrations in the future for Ultimate Toys. The idea of a multi-use luxury Sprinter van caught on quickly, not only as a luxury vehicle, but also as a corporate or service workhorse. The changes in travel priorities brought about by the last year have made the company’s Sprinter vans even more appealing to consumers.

“Ultimate Toys is more than just a ‘Best-In-Class’ distributor. Through listening to what the customers desire, we’ve evolved into a lifestyle brand, and are able to accommodate just about any need; business, leisure, RV, the daily driver, etc.  We currently offer five of the most versatile vehicles on the road and we are expanding our product line to include more of what our customers and the industry is asking for,” explains Ultimate Toys president Josh Green. “Our mission is more than to just impersonally sell vehicles. Our mission is to create the roadmap for allowing people and their families to live their best lives. To create unforgettable memories…”

Ultimate Toys’ five models are by design. Each model is geared toward a specific use, but all come with varied layouts that extend their usage context. The company’s Ultimate Limo is a great choice for executive use, but can do double-duty as a daily driver; alter the layout a little more, and it becomes suitable as a weekender. The Ultimate RV, on the other hand, is a great choice for family use, but can easily cross the road to serve as a conveyance for shuttling clients.

Other models in the Ultimate Toys lineup include the 144 Commuter, which is the best choice for urban use due to its size; easy to park and easy to navigate in heavy traffic. The Presidential is a turnkey corporate solution that can be adapted as a luxurious rig for personal travel, while the Traveler is the best all-in-one option for families needing a vacation ride that can also be used for errands. The company’s rapid growth has spurred plans for additional models, though, as client input and requests make new styles a matter of course.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was selected as a foundation for the Ultimate Toys line because it features a great deal of headroom, enough to allow passengers to stand up, and a cabin that lends itself to a variety of configurations. All Ultimate Toys Sprinter vans feature handcrafted interiors, with Maybach-inspired details available as a luxury touch. And all also feature captain’s chairs or convertible sofas in back, an option for swiveling front captain’s chairs, high-definition TVs with Apple TV, wireless internet, dorm fridges, hardwood floors in contemporary tones and hand-crafted leather upholstery.

Another major selling point is the bathroom, which is the largest in the industry. The company makes it a priority in the layout of all models except the Ultimate Limo.

With impeccable service and over $30 million in inventory, Ultimate Toys looks set to cement its leadership position as it expands existing models and programs.

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