Zac Efron Finds Buyer for Zen L.A. Perch After Cutting Price to $5.6M

Zac Efron Finds Buyer for Zen L.A. Perch After Cutting Price to $5.6M

Published: May 4, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

This five-bedroom house in Los Feliz is currently owned by actor Zac Efron, but it is likely that a new owner will be moving in very soon. The property — which hit the market toward the tail end of last year — is currently listed in contingent status. It quickly saw action following a price cut to $5.575 million, a bit under Efron’s initial ask of $5.9 million.

The modern-style was completed in 1964, and is preceded with a set of custom gates and a long driveway bordered by staggered retaining walls and surrounded by wild growth. Its interiors are very warm, with slate tile and hardwood giving the living style a pleasing and refined earthiness. The kitchen’s cabinetry and stone tops are on the dark side, but the tonal scheme works beautifully, and is embellished with an unusual detail: an island in the shape of a trapezoid.

Other details at work in this house: a stone-and-wood living room fireplace that hints at rustic but avoids the sentiment, an entryway sheltered by a modern-style arcade, and Japanese influence. Outside, the living area features upper and lower terraces overlooking the city and a second-floor spa, and culminates in a dramatic pool that abuts the exterior wall, and its companion staircases.

According to various news reports, Efron has moved to Australia—first in spirit, then in body, and now possibly kit and kaboodle.

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