Ferrari F8 Tributo Gets More Power, Visual Tweaks From Novitec

Ferrari F8 Tributo Gets More Power, Visual Tweaks From Novitec

Published: February 6, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

German tuner Novitec likes Ferraris. The company’s back pages feature Lamborghinis, McLarens, and the occasional Tesla—among other brands—but the liquid lines of a prancing horse provide the fuel that drives these craftspeople above all else.

A quick gander at Novitec’s future releases tells us there are plans afoot to design a Roma. For now, Ferrari junkies will have to be satisfied with the treatment the Novitec folks developed for the 3.9L V8 biturbo-equipped F8 Tributo.

The tuning package begins with engine alterations that can boost the Tributo’s native 710 horsepower to 802, and take its factory torque from 568 pound-feet to about 660; the changes give the exotic a 0-60 launch time of 2.6 seconds, an improvement of .3 seconds. The original top speed of 211 MPH appears to be modestly improved, but responsiveness and quickness are the germane issues here.

As for looks, the Novitec folks have brought carbon-fiber components to the Tributo, as well as sport springs and forged wheels. Rim sizes of up to 22 inches available for the rear axle. And, of course, the interior of the car can be customized to taste with the full spectrum of materials and colors available through the shop.

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