Hemsworth Brothers Complete Sale of Malibu Aerie for $4.3M

Hemsworth Brothers Complete Sale of Malibu Aerie for $4.3M

Published: January 12, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

In the late summer of last year, Luke, Chris and Liam Hemsworth listed their exceedingly private Malibu property for $4.9 million. The brothers sold the residence for $4.25 million in the first week of the year.

The inland corner of the beachside city is all about space, and has, as a preamble, a long, winding drive flanked by retaining walls and ebullient landscaping; as the land crests and the house comes into view, it does so in the context of meditative mountain views and a gentle gradient that slopes away toward views that offer more distance than suburban clutter. The hammock on the patio sums up the living style nicely.

The house is modern, but its 1979 vintage presents a house/setting combination that never goes out of style, and there is a certain laid-back, upscale hippy dream feel to the place when the landscaping tiers and desert gardens come into view despite the midcentury inspiration that defines the interiors. A wine cellar, screening room and kitchen sporting commercial appliance marques keep the emphasis on upscale, though.

The requisite indoor/outdoor living style fits this home perfectly, and its open-concept common area’s transition to pergola-capped outdoor patio feels as perfectly suited to the home’s setting as can be.

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