Jupe Shows Off Stylish $17.5K Prefab Shelter

Jupe Shows Off Stylish $17.5K Prefab Shelter

Published: January 9, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Winter may be in full swing, but the collective consciousness is already thinking spring…and spring 2021, as opposed to spring 2020, which failed, in some sense, to blossom.

To foster thoughts of freedom comes this fairly luxurious mobile shelter called the Jupe, which is designed for relatively quick and easy set-up and break-down, travels as an efficient package, and packs enough luxury to satisfy the most blasé gold-card brother-in-law.

Contained inside the Jupe’s unprepossessing and somewhat past-tense futurist exterior is a tiny-house residence intended as a vacation cabin or a quickie backyard guest house. The exterior is fabric supported by an aluminum skeleton. Inside, the Jupe sports one large bed or twins, seating, and a workdesk; the unit is floored with plank and—as you can see in the pictures—hardwood panels that hide abundant storage space. Headroom is one of The Jupe’s most attractive features.

The Jupe can be set up in a matter of hours, and comes with a price tag of about $18K.

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