Let Aston Martin Create Your Garage With ‘Automotive Galleries and Lairs’ Program

Let Aston Martin Create Your Garage With ‘Automotive Galleries and Lairs’ Program

Published: August 27, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

The turnout at this year’s Pebble Beach show saw a different automotive option from a legendary British automaker: Aston Martin unveiled its custom-designed stables for purebred mechanical quadrupeds.

The company’s new Automotive Galleries and Lairs project seeks to develop showcase housing for your favorite cars: stylish new high-end garages for customers to store their Aston Martins. Custom designed for each buyer, garage designs and styling will be entirely up to the owner from simple, chic layouts to Batman-style vehicle lairs.

For extreme cases of automotive worship, Aston imagines designing a client’s secondary residence around their pride and joy. CCO Marek Reichman’s team has already developed a few unique possibilities for the Automotive Gallery and Automotive Lair options. The brand’s visual aids imagine single-car exhibition-style enclosures and galleries for larger collections.

The specialized service will be led by expert architects selected individually for specific projects…under the aegis of Aston’s Q division, of course. Interested customers should check out Aston Martin’s garage mock-ups for inspiration.

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