Ever the Stunner, Ferrari Monza SP1 Gets a Power Boost From Novitec

Ever the Stunner, Ferrari Monza SP1 Gets a Power Boost From Novitec

Published: October 22, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Monza SP1 and SP2—the superlative cars that Ferrari began building back in 2018—are in many ways an ideal foundation for an ambitious tuner. The models embody the golden age of Ferrari racing, so Novitec, a tuner that loves Ferraris in particular, was just the shop to tackle an enhancement of these thrilling symbols of the Italian automaker’s history.

Inside the cockpit, Novitec’s spectrum of upholstery options can transform an owner’s Monza into a fully individual ride. But, unsurprisingly, the tuning shop’s alterations to power and performance get top billing when it comes to these one- and two-seat windshield-free race cars.

The Monza is not really a model for the weekend sports enthusiast. The car’s engine is a positive monster, displacing 6.5L and pumping out nearly 800 horsepower at peak. Novitec tweaked this powerhouse and raised the number to 832; torque has been boosted to 575 pound-feet, an increase of almost 50 lb-ft. Novitec installed a new exhaust, which can be optioned as INCONEL with or without gold plating; gold looks luxe, sure, but the paydirt is actually used to keep the system cooler during particularly hot driving sessions. Actively controlled exhaust flaps are optional.

Other components included in the package are forged Vossen wheels—21-inch in front, and 22-inch in the rear—and sport springs.

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