Billionaire Valery Kogan Lists Gilded Manhattan Condo for $45M

Published: February 29, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Russian businessman Valery Kogan listed his baroque condo at the Plaza Residences this month. The unit—which is so ornate it would’ve made a splendid pied-a-terre for the Sun King, had he reigned in this century—is a tour-de-force of gilded sensibilities: heavy with gold leaf, packed with details and material veneer, and determined to dazzle as a last word of some sort.

The design style does echo Versailles. It took two units in the Plaza Residences to build the residence, which contains four bedrooms and five baths in its roughly 4,500 square feet of interior living space. The condo’s great room is its heart, a massive, 1,500 square-foot space that is 43’ long, and incorporates one of the Plaza corner turrets in its layout.

The most wildly ornamented space has to be the master bathroom, however. It’s packed to the rafters with imported onyx—with a healthy dose of rose quartz along the way—and inlaid floors that are a sight to behold. The master bedroom features inlaid floors as well, and a ceiling that is rife with crown moldings and gold leaf, and boasts an ornate chandelier as a centerpiece. It is one of many such ceilings in the unit, with one of many similar centerpiece chandeliers.

Elsewhere, another bathroom works with black marble and lacquered, inlaid hardwood, echoing the library. The condo’s profusion of baroque opulence is foreshadowed by a unique preamble: an arabesque panel in an accent wall that serves as the property’s visual abstract. The kitchen escapes the heavy-handed treatment, receiving only gilded cabinet hardware as a tasteful understatement.

Kogan is co-owner of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. His net worth is north of $2 billion.

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