Elijah Wood Lists Two-Bungalow Property in Venice for $2M

Elijah Wood Lists Two-Bungalow Property in Venice for $2M

Published: October 19, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Elijah Wood listed an unusual property in Venice, California, this month for just shy of two mil: residential, two-bungalow, nestled in a quiet corner of the stubbornly hip city.

The first of the one-bed, one-bath homes dates to 1921, and is a thoroughgoing craftsman-style. The exterior is dressed in an understated grey; the recessed entrance features a door in soft pomegranate red, and lantern fixtures set a heady atmosphere.

Within, the cottage opens up beautifully, with a vaulted ceiling and window styles that strongly define the period style. A cozy window seat flanks the front doors, making this sophisticated bohemian abode an unmitigated charmer.

The second home displays a later vintage, and is far less stylized. Like the first, it is framed in green and growing, drawing an earthy context from its landscape.

The interiors are plain but tastefully executed, with dark-stained plank hardwood and a kitchen that’s strictly utilitarian. A gently vaulted ceiling is accented with wood-tone trusses, and the bedroom boasts a narrow bank of casements and a door to a small outdoor meditation spot.

Wood’s recent roles include the lead in the upcoming film ‘L.A. Rush’; the feature is scheduled for release next year.

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