Ramsmobile’s $1M RM-X2: Brutally Conspicuous

Ramsmobile’s $1M RM-X2: Brutally Conspicuous

Published: September 26, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

If a Hummer’s just too passé for you, and a Rezvani Tank X too high-fashion, perhaps Ramsmobile’s RM-X2 will fit the bill. It’s powerful, it’s expensive, and it’s most certainly a status symbol for the flush collector of back issues of Soldier of Fortune magazine.

RM-X2 sounds vaguely like the title of a 1950’s sci-fi B-picture about a square-jawed hero piloting a rocket to the moon. And, in its own way, this vehicle does inhabit its own landscape of celluloid fantasy. Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s a vehicle for the fantasies of prospective owners.

To fulfill fantasies of survival, a survival vehicle must be equipped for any contingency dreamed up by a kicker of bulletproof tires. And Ramsmobile offers up a buffet of panaceas for the apocalyptic anxieties the zeitgeist of our particular moment in history can stimulate.

Ramsmobile’s hyperbolic website patter calls the rig a ‘multipurpose hypercar’, which effectively sells it as both a performance ride and a source of salvation. Despite its nearly 1K horsepower, it doesn’t look like it was made to win any races.

The interiors are cushy, though, and the litany of gadgetry induces both passing curiosity (a central tank tread that provides terrain assist, laser-guided suspension, bulletproofing), and hilarity (a built-in hookah vape thingy, suggestions of amphibious potential, anti-bio-warfare air filtering).

The base price of the RM-X2? $1 million.

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