Tag Heuer Introduces Smartwatch for Golfers

Tag Heuer Introduces Smartwatch for Golfers

Published: April 16, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Tag Heuer‘s contribution to spring is a specialized timepiece designed for the golfers out there.

The new watch is part of the luxury brand’s Connected Modular line of smartwatches, and has been customized to offer on-course assistance. It comes with a special golf app already installed.

The recreational tech allows users to survey 3D renderings of more than 39,000 golf courses worldwide. Golfers will also be able to update their scorecard, examine performance stats, track their shots, and more.

For those who already own a non-golf-oriented Connected Modular smartwatch, they can download the new app. However, it won’t include the unique styling, or the “Golf Edition” designation on the bezel.

The smartwatch boasts a 45mm diameter sandblasted titanium case, a 1.39-inch wide display, and a sapphire lens. This Tag Heuer also features a water resistance rating of 164 feet, giving golfers a radical new potential strategy for avoiding strokes lost to water hazards (wetsuit and snorkel not included).

Interested putters and links enthusiasts can purchase their own Connected Modular “Golf Edition” smartwatch for $1,850.

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