Louis Vuitton Introduces New ‘Horizon’ Luggage Collection

Louis Vuitton Introduces New ‘Horizon’ Luggage Collection

Published: April 9, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

French fashion brand Louis Vuitton just released the second line of its chic and popular rolling luggage collection, “Horizon.” These travel-mates aren’t gravity-defying, as the photos below might suggest, but they are possessed of the literate and whimsical levity that is so characteristically Vuitton.

Superstar designer Marc Newson developed the stylish, colorful new collection that blends classic LV looks with modern styling. The first capsule collection featured hard-shell luggage designs. This time, travelers will be enticed by the curving shapes of a soft luggage line, each imbued with a joyous hue.

Aside from the look, what is sure to make the LV luggage pieces stand out from the rest on the carousel is the unique 3D knit outer shell. Materials include custom-made yarn, and Vuitton-unique seamless knitting tech. The bags are built for travel-logs now and future, and are water-repellent.

The “Horizon” line is finished in double-sided jacquard and Newson’s take on LV’s signature monogram print. Collection pricing starts just south of $3K.

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