Rimac Impresses at Monterey With C_Two California Edition

Rimac Impresses at Monterey With C_Two California Edition

Published: August 23, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Croatian supercar startup Rimac’s entry at Monterey—the ‘California Edition’ of their C_Two concept—is intended to keep the company name, and its nearly 2,000 horsepower progeny, in the public eye.

The company unveiled its C_Two at the Geneva show this past March. The second concept hypercar in the company’s less than decade-long history followed the first—the Concept_One—by about four years. Rimac is dedicated to the future of the automobile in an ecologically conscious context, and all of the company’s builds feature all-electric drivetrains.

Rimac’s design language is fairly staid for a small, exotic EV manufacturer. The Concept_One (and its follow-up, the Concept S) features an elongated front section and a fastback-inflected rear, but none of the operatic flourishes similar companies sometimes use to try to carve out their own distinct identity. Their new entry establishes a pattern of understatement.

There is a distinct contrast between the quieter design language and the power, aero, and tech of C_Two. The car’s powerplant can deliver an astonishing 1,914 horsepower, and the quick EV torque conversion will take the car from 0-60 in 1.85 seconds. Top speed is 258 mph, and, at reasonable speeds, the car has a claimed range of 400 miles. Not the 620 miles of the Tesla roadster, but plenty significant.

The product of around five years of R&D shouldn’t be limited to one journalistic exposure, and to that end Rimac’s built an azure blue C_Two just for this year’s week at Monterey. The car features black accents and a cognac-colored interior.

Rimac limited production of the Concept_One to just eight examples. Last year, however, the company locked in dealerships in North America, Europe and the Middle East, so the C_Two could well establish the company as a new presence in this niche market, and a connoisseur’s alternative to heavyweight Tesla.

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