Rachael Ray Asking $4.7M for Hamptons Retreat

Rachael Ray Asking $4.7M for Hamptons Retreat

Published: April 17, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

A good chef knows how to efficiently trim, and professional gourmand and culinary alchemist Rachael Ray’s done just that: nicked a bit of unattractive excess off the edge of the price affixed to her Southampton estate. Formerly priced at $4.9 million, the property is now asking $4.69 million. Not a huge chop from the ebullient foodie, but enough to stimulate a little more interest.

Ray has owned the property for about a decade; she and husband John Cusimano picked it up in 2008 for $2.1 million. The single-story rambler dates to 1994.

The home’s dream-like interiors are the ideal match for the bucolic, escapist property exterior. Walls and ceilings are off-white, with white oak floors bringing a little washed-out warmth and texture to the living spaces. Lots of reflected light contributes to the ethereal effect, with skylights, large paned windows, and sliding glass doors sustaining the stress-reducing feeling of liberation.

And, the kitchen? Purely functional and quite unpretentious, as expected. No need for excessive embellishment when the cooking is good.

The property—which borders the Southampton Golf Club—incorporates a poolside guest house, which looks very cozy. That kitchen is quite small, but very charming, with a brick floor giving it a little bit of a trattoria-like feel.

Rachael Ray’s daytime lifestyle talk show is currently in its twelfth season. The program has won two Daytime Emmy Awards.

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