Jaguar Updates a Classic E-Type Roadster with a Specially Designed Electric Powertrain

Jaguar Updates a Classic E-Type Roadster with a Specially Designed Electric Powertrain

Published: October 14, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

This is the English sports car an eco-conscious driving enthusiast dreams about owning.

Luxury automaker Jaguar has just updated a classic E-Type Roadster into a 21st-century statement. In the process of transforming an example of the iconic model into a powerful electric vehicle, they’ve made a definitive statement about the future of the pastime and the market, too.

The restored E-Type Zero underwent its paradigm shift at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Coventry, England. While the vehicle has undergone a major powertrain update, the model still looks and performs like a classic E-type. Only quieter.

In fact, the E-Type Zero is faster than the original with a zero-to-62 mph leap of just 5.5 seconds. Not surprising, as removing the time-consuming combustion process from the equation helps a well-designed EV to achieve a whiplash launch.

The electric powertrain in the revisionist sports makes 220kW. A lithium-ion battery pack with nearly the same weight and dimensions of the old gas engine makes the electric switch feel even more organic. The 40kWh battery takes between six and seven hours to charge and offers a range of almost 168 miles.

While the vehicle boasts a modern electric powertrain and updated instrumentation, the Jaguar is nearly identical in specification to the original E-Type, keeping its historical relevance and pleasing aesthetic intact. Updated design features, including LED headlights and modified fascia, were inspired by the classic look, but are certainly improvements.


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