Eagle’s Bespoke Spyder GTs Up the Ante on Classic Jaguar E-Types

Eagle’s Bespoke Spyder GTs Up the Ante on Classic Jaguar E-Types

Published: February 4, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Maybe you can improve on a classic.

Merging perhaps the most iconic British roadster design with an updated performance profile, Eagle has released the fourth incarnation of its Jaguar E-Type: the Eagle Spyder GT.

Following the Eagle E-Type, the Eagle Speedster, and the Eagle Low Drag GT, the Spyder begins as a roadster restoration waiting to happen. The original aluminum monocoque chassis, lightweight and rigid, is merged with a contemporary suspension for improved performance, while the interior is a modern interpretation of a classic cabin: not a departure, really, so much as an affectionate improvement that retains the spirit of the period and the car, while offering a self-consciously aesthetic approach.

The engine is a powerhouse, considering the size and weight of the car: a 4.7L straight six that pumps out over 300HP. Matched with a manual gearbox, the car is every sports car lovers’ dream, with the fluid, gracefully feminine lines of a long-lost era, and the visceral driveability of modern mechanical design. Eagle has been comfortably lodged in their niche for over thirty years, and they’ve learned a thing or two.

Each of the very limited examples of the ragtop E-Type Jag will be fully customizable to customer demand, with a dizzying array of options available. British racing green, we hope, is an available finish color.

The number of examples to be produced has not been divulged. But, considering the scarcity of suitable existing examples to build upon, one can assume there will not be many.

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