Zaha Hadid Design Brings Its Curvilinear Touch to Porcelanosa’s Bathroom Collection

Zaha Hadid Design Brings Its Curvilinear Touch to Porcelanosa’s Bathroom Collection

Published: July 26, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Zaha Hadid Design has introduced its unique style to the Porcelanosa Bathroom Collection.

The creative design is inspired by water and its motif as the “origin of life.” Thanks to the natural inspiration, pieces in the collection sport a fluid and streamlined design that’s rare in bathroom design.

Gone are rigid square sinks and tubs. In their place, the “Vitae” pieces offer brassware, sanitaryware, mirrors, a toilet, and a bathtub with uniquely fluid shapes and a sensual appeal. The inspiration of liquid design lends to soft lines and an aesthetic reminiscent of a calm and dynamic retreat space.

The series of design objects make banal human habits appear more like a time of renovation and purification of the body with curved lines and abstracted elements. The series of objects has been named “Vitae,” meaning life in latin, as a nod to water and its connection to humanity.

As always, the Zaha Hadid collection goes beyond the ordinary with creative and innovative designs. All the porcelain used is of the highest quality and is accompanied by luxe finishes that guarantee resistance, hardness, and shine.












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