Emory Motorsports’ Outlaw Porsche Is a Thing of Beauty

Emory Motorsports’ Outlaw Porsche Is a Thing of Beauty

Published: July 30, 2015 | By: American Luxury Staff

Emory Motorsports founder Rod Emory was born into a family of car lovers. His grandfather played a major role in the Southern California hot-rod industry and his father founded Porsche Parts Obsolete. Now Emory is establishing his own automotive legacy with his work on “outlaw Porsches.”

These outlaws are modified Porsche models with lightly restyled bodywork and significant performance improvement. Emory’s work focuses mainly on the Porsche 356. His company utilizes various techniques to amp up performance quality from the already spectacular vehicles. They update 60-horsepower cars to staggering 200-horsepower monster machines with upgraded suspensions, close-radio gearboxes, and halting brakes.

Emory’s company aims to keep the vehicles looking as if they could have come straight from the factory. Externally, the cars receive minor facelifts with lifted arches and by removing drip rails, increasing the size of B-pillars, and improving engine breathability.

These Franken-Porsche super hot-rods start at around $175,000 plus the cost of the original vehicle.










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