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No More Woof Translates Animal Thoughts
18 February

No More Woof Translates Animal Thoughts

Developed by a Scandinavian research lab called the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, the No More Woof is a working prototype that interprets your pet's thought patterns and translates them...
7316 February 18, 2014 Gadgets more
mpup Dog House
31 July

mpup Dog House

Korean designer Seungji Mun has created a pet furniture collection that includes a minimalistic approach to the pet house and a collection of colorful, waterproof, and bacteria-resistant modern pet beds....
5154 July 31, 2013 Interior Design more
Luxury Vacation for Dogs
20 June

Luxury Vacation for Dogs is now offering a 14-day luxury vacation for your dog. The holiday package comes with a personal chef, room, spa and grooming treatments, surfing lessons, therapy, and a designer...
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