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on 08 June

Chandelier Light Bulb

Young and Battaglia have designed a bulb for Mineheart that is being described as a chandelier inside of a light bulb, because that is exactly what it is. The outside...
3297 June 8, 2013 Interior Design more
LITOS Modular Design
04 June

LITOS Modular Design

San Francisco-based designer Alberto Villarreal has designed a storage system that he calls LITOS that allows many items to share the same space without it feeling cluttered or overcrowded. This...
1973 June 4, 2013 Interior Design more
Boca Do Lobo’s Three Legged Chair
28 May

Boca Do Lobo’s Three Legged Chair

Designer Marco Costa of Portuguese design house Boco do Lobo recently revealed his latest creation: Three-legged Emporium chair. Costa is said to have been inspired by the Surrealist movement and wanted...
7033 May 28, 2013 Interior Design more
Canvas Art As Furniture
02 May

Canvas Art As Furniture

'Canvas' is the latest creation from Tokyo-based design studio YOY, and is one of those wonderfully nutty ideas that can only come from Japan. Get this: A canvas "painting" of...
4550 May 2, 2013 Interior Design more