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Nessie Blue Microphone
29 July

Nessie Blue Microphone

Blue Microphones has released an adaptive USB microphone, which can connect to your laptop, iPad, or desktop. Nessie is designed to reduce the need for post-production editing.  It has technical...
3500 July 29, 2013 Gadgets, Tech more
on 22 July

Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart Concept

Ahead of its official debut at the British Open at the Muirfield golf club in Scotland, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its golf cart concept. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart uses a joy stick positioned...
5531 July 22, 2013 Cars, Gadgets, Tech more
Golden Dreams iPhone 5 Collection
18 July

Golden Dreams iPhone 5 Collection

The Swiss luxury design company, Golden Dreams, has released a set of iPhone 5s that fuse leather and gold into one collection. The Gold Edition has a golden, mirror-like surface. ...
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