McLaren Speeds Into Two-Wheeled Territory With New Hyperbikes

McLaren Speeds Into Two-Wheeled Territory With New Hyperbikes

Published: June 2, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

Legendary supercar maker McLaren is transferring its obsession with cutting-edge design and extreme performance into the world of electric bicycles with the launch of its new e-bike range.

Taking inspiration from McLaren’s track-dominating hybrid hypercars like the Artura, the British brand’s debut e-bikes embrace the company’s signature focus on lightweight carbon fiber construction, electrification and power.

The new e-bike range is led by the aptly named ‘Extreme’, whose specs make it the world’s most powerful street-legal electric mountain bike. With a top speed of 20mph in its max power ‘Race’ mode, the Extreme delivers up to 852W of peak power—torque figures that surpass other premium e-bikes.

Designed for off-road thrills, the Extreme features 29″ wheels, 160mm of suspension travel and is fitted with a 12-speed SRAM Eagle transmission. McLaren’s supercar designers gave the Extreme an aggressive stance with a hand-laid carbon fiber frame.

Joining the Extreme is the more versatile McLaren Sport model aimed at city riding and trails. The Sport ditches some of the Extreme’s hardcore credentials for a more accessible package with 250W and 600W motor options. The Extreme range breaks down similarly, for a total of four models.

McLaren’s trademark attention to detail shines through on both models. The integrated digital display apes McLaren’s famous supercar instrument panels with animated graphics showing speed, range and other telemetry. Even the tires are bespoke, with McLaren commissioning Pirelli to develop rubber optimized for each model.

The e-bikes perfectly encapsulate the McLaren ethos of coupling advanced engineering with beautiful design. Complex carbon construction and limited availability also means these hyperbikes come with hyperbike price tags. The McLaren Extreme 600 and Extreme 250 are priced at $11,950 and $10,950, and the Sport 600 and Sport 250 at $8,950 and $7,950, respectively.

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