Bespoke Boulevardier: Bentley Batur Convertible

Bespoke Boulevardier: Bentley Batur Convertible

Published: May 25, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

The patrician purveyors of Crewe unveil their newest coachbuilt creation—the Batur Convertible. This elegant evolution embodies Bentley’s rich lineage of luxurious open-top Grand Tourers.

Tracing its roots to the brand’s inception, the new convertible revives the spirit of adventure and individuality inherent in early Bentleys. Its tapering “airbridge” cowls conjure images of vintage barchettas racing across the Côte d’Azur. Yet its retractable roof and cutting-edge amenities provide contemporary comfort for exhilarating journeys ahead.

Each of the 16 examples will be an inimitable work of artisanry. Mulliner, Bentley’s venerable coachbuilding division, will collaborate intimately with clients to manifest their unique vision. An infinite palette of hues and materials allows for boundless personalization. The exterior can be hand-painted with bespoke graphics; rose gold accents and precision 3D-printed details add artisanal flair to the cabin.

Under the hood lies Bentley’s swansong W12 engine—a 740 hp twin-turbocharged beast. This pinnacle of powerplants will propel the Batur Convertible to superlative speeds with silken torque. Yet it retains the refinement expected of a marque synonymous with its high society associations.

With the curtain soon closing on the iconic W12, the limited Batur Convertible promises a final act of peerless performance and customization. Mulliner is poised to author another prized chapter in Bentley’s rich legacy—penning personal stories of bespoke adventure for an elite few.

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