The Prancing Horse Gallops In With the New Ferrari 12Cilindri

The Prancing Horse Gallops In With the New Ferrari 12Cilindri

Published: May 18, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

Maranello has revealed its latest masterpiece—the Ferrari 12Cilindri. The new front-engined V12 berlinetta—also available in Spider form—brings Ferrari’s naturally aspirated powertrain philosophy to new heights, delivering exhilarating performance paired with timeless Italian styling.

Under the hood lies a new evolution of Ferrari’s legendary 6.5L V12, now producing a prodigious 819 hp and revving to a scorching 9,500 rpm. This allows for tremendous power delivery across the rev range. The engine features innovative materials like titanium connecting rods to reduce rotating mass, allowing those screaming high revs.

The exterior design represents a stylistic departure from previous V12 models, with a more minimalist aesthetic. Gone are the elongated headlights and traditional grille, replaced by blade-like daytime running lights integrated into a single wraparound band. The muscular yet precisely geometric forms create a sleek, monolithic look.

Inside, passengers are cocooned in luxury with a new glass roof and three displays providing vital driving information. A central 10.25″ touchscreen puts key controls within reach. The Human Machine Interface creates a first-class grand touring experience.

Underneath, the chassis has been stiffened while shedding weight, and innovative aerodynamics keep the 12Cilindri planted using active flaps. State-of-the-art vehicle dynamics systems allow this stallion to be tamed.

The prancing horse has bolted out of the stable, galloping towards the horizon with a thunderous naturally aspirated soundtrack. With the 12Cilindri, Ferrari has once again brought thrilling V12 performance to the open road.

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