MV Agusta Rides On with New Enduro Veloce

MV Agusta Rides On with New Enduro Veloce

Published: May 4, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

In a nod to its nearly 80-year racing pedigree, the historic Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta has unveiled an exciting new model for adventure seekers. The Enduro Veloce marries distinctive Italian styling with off-road capability, reinvigorating the brand’s spirit of exploration.

Clad in the iconic Ago Red and Ago Silver livery, the Enduro Veloce’s sleek yet muscular bodywork cuts a distinctive profile. Designed through extensive aerodynamic testing, the bike provides comfort and stability across varying terrain. Within its stylized alloy frame beats the heart of MV Agusta: a 931cc inline triple engine, its unique counter-rotating crankshaft canceling out front wheel gyroscopy for quick handling. The symphony of its exhaust note stirs the soul as much as the asphalt.

Electronic rider aids further augment the experience. Utilizing a 6-axis inertial platform and four selectable riding modes, the bike’s advanced electronics offer the ideal response whether carving mountain switchbacks or traversing forest trails. Refined ABS, traction control, and other systems provide an intelligent, adaptable partner ready for two-wheeled escapades.

While certainly at home off-road, the Enduro Veloce retains sportbike DNA. Its powerful motor generates 124 hp, rocketing from 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds when launch control is engaged. Large Brembo brakes provide ample stopping power. Adjustable suspension soaks up bumps and ripples across varied terrain.

The Enduro Veloce ushers the adventure series into a new frontier. Asphalt or dirt, solo or two-up, MV Agusta has built a machine ready to write the next chapter of the brand’s legend.

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