A Modern Muse: Vacheron Constantin Debuts the Grand Lady Kalla

A Modern Muse: Vacheron Constantin Debuts the Grand Lady Kalla

Published: April 27, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

With a sparkling wink, the Grand Lady Kalla saunters in, her emerald cuts glinting. The dazzling darling debuts Vacheron Constantin’s latest luxe lady, a luminous and liberated beauty who revels in her Art Deco heritage.

Sculpted in 18K gold, the Grand Lady Kalla’s angular geometry echoes the crisp symmetry of the iconic 1980 Kalla. But while paying tribute to history, the modern muse charts her own course. Slimmed to suit current tastes, she lets her diamond accents shine in a streamlined setting.

On her wrist, a bracelet of pyramid studs frames 57 facets of fire. Triangular prongs mark the Maltese cross on her dial. With minimalist modernity, she makes space for her true calling: time.

But this versatile vamp is not bound by convention. With a twist, a click, a spin, she transforms. Like a magician, she produces a sautoir necklace from her bracelet. Layers of onyx beads ripple with Akoya pearls, contrasting the white blaze of diamonds. The Grand Lady Kalla becomes a pendant, gliding from wrist to décolletage with fluid ease.

Her quartet of wearable vignettes sings of Vacheron Constantin’s continued creativity. For over two centuries, the maison has crafted transformable jewels for transformational women. In 1924, rubies, emeralds and onyx turned a watch into a brooch with a flick of the wrist. A century later, the Grand Lady Kalla shape-shifts with modern freedom.

With tool-free transformations, this leading lady takes the stage on her own terms. Be it on wrist or neck, the Grand Lady Kalla shines with spirited independence. Vacheron Constantin lifts the curtain for the next act of transformable jewelry, where versatility and femininity command the limelight.

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