Bowlus Launches Rugged New Rivet Trailer for Off-Grid Adventure

Bowlus Launches Rugged New Rivet Trailer for Off-Grid Adventure

Published: April 7, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

Bowlus has recently taken the wraps off its latest creation—the Rivet trailer. The new model represents a bold new direction for the brand, blending its signature sleek, aerodynamic exterior with a rugged, adventurous spirit.

The Rivet is ideal for those seeking outdoor challenges without sacrificing luxury amenities. At 25′ 3″ the Rivet features a compact floorplan with a separate bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Despite its portable size, the trailer includes king-sized bedding, hardwearing finishes, and spacious living quarters.

To enable off-grid excursions, the Rivet contains robust power management systems. The state-of-the-art lithium battery banks and solar arrays allow indefinite autonomous operation. As with all Bowlus models, owners can run appliances and climate control sans external power.

The Rivet also employs a 3-inch lift kit and rugged all-terrain tires. This equips it for off-road travel to remote campsites. Bowlus notes the Rivet’s lightweight construction broadens towing options. Its aerodynamic profile provides excellent mileage and range, including for electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y.

In a first for the RV industry, the Rivet can be outfitted with Bowlus’ revolutionary AeroMove feature. This allows remote-controlled driving and maneuvering, granting access to virtually any terrain. A powerful drivetrain and 360-degree steering mean owners can easily park the Rivet in tight spaces. AeroMove will be available as a $10,000 add-on option.

The Rivet’s interior features Bowlus’ new “Onyx” decor package. With bold black accents and performance materials, it balances utility with sophistication. Despite its compact footprint, the Rivet sleeps up to four travelers in comfort.

The Bowlus Rivet starts at $148,500 after tax credits. It represents the brand’s foray into rugged luxury, embodying both adventure and refinement.

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