Ferrari 296 GTB Gets a Makeover Courtesy of Novitec

Ferrari 296 GTB Gets a Makeover Courtesy of Novitec

Published: February 2, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

The prancing horse gallops faster with NOVITEC’s magic touch. This German tuning specialist has breathed even more life into the already vivacious Ferrari 296 GTB, turning the hybrid sports car into an aerodynamic powerhouse.

With its radical exposed carbon bodywork enhancements, the 296 GTB gains a fiercely flared stance. Spoilers fore and aft optimize airflow while a rear diffuser and side skirts channel it with precision. NOVITEC’s obsessive wind tunnel refinements extract greater downforce for better handling.

Further magnifying the car’s imposing visage are Vossen’s tailor-made forged alloy wheels. With staggered diameters of 21 and 22 inches, they fill the muscular wheel arches flush.

But NOVITEC lavishes attention underneath the skin as well. Sports springs lower the ride height for a sinewy poise. For adjustable firmness, a coilover suspension is used. A hydraulic lift even raises the nose to surmount speed bumps or raked driveways.

Yet power remains NOVITEC’s paramount obsession. With new turbo intakes and free-flowing exhaust, the V6 engine purrs with an extra 38 horses, bringing total output to 868 untamed steeds. INCONEL or stainless exhaust options with F1-grade insulation let drivers fine-tune the engine’s aural character between velvety quietude and thunderous bombast.

Performance catalyzers boost power while meeting emissions standards, remaining Euro compliant. NOVITEC’s artisanal engine bay carbon panels frame the mechanical masterpiece within.

Augmented with electric boost, the NOVITEC-enhanced 296 GTB provides electrifying performance befitting Maranello’s thoroughbred pedigree.

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