Breguet Marks Chinese New Year With $768K ‘Classique Double Tourbillon Dragon 5345’

Breguet Marks Chinese New Year With $768K ‘Classique Double Tourbillon Dragon 5345’

Published: February 2, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

Breguet pushes haute horlogerie extremes with the new Classique Double Tourbillon Dragon 5345, a $767,800 showpiece oozing opulence. At its heart lies Breguet’s mesmerizing double tourbillon caliber, with two mechanically connected tourbillons rotating a platform displaying the hours and minutes. First debuted in 2006, this remarkable engine captivated watch enthusiasts, its symmetry and complexity almost defying comprehension.

Now, Breguet embellishes the double tourbillon with a lavish solid gold dragon clutching a mother-of-pearl disc. Despite its imposing presence, the hand-engraved dragon cannot distract from the movement’s ingenious mechanics. Powered by dual mainspring barrels, the two independent tourbillon regulators are linked by a differential to average their timing. This fusion of two separate gear trains allows flawless operation of the rotating platform indicating the time.

Breguet pushes every excess, from platinum casing to hand-decorated gold movement plates. Yet for all its indulgences, the Double Tourbillon Dragon offers merely hours and minutes, produced by a 749-component caliber. This seeming contradiction only elevates its status as a crowning glory of Breguet artisanship. Like a Fabergé egg, its purpose is eclipsed by the virtuosity of its craftsmanship.

At nearly $800,000, the Classique Double Tourbillon Dragon sits securely atop Breguet’s pyramid. It is the showstopping culmination of the brand’s most complicated endeavor. For the collector seeking a singularly unique artifact of horological mastery infused with Chinese culture, this dragon is the ultimate prize.

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