Koenigsegg Strikes Gold with Glittering Carbon Jesko Attack

Koenigsegg Strikes Gold with Glittering Carbon Jesko Attack

Published: January 27, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

A golden vision has emerged from Koenigsegg’s carbon forges—one of just 125 Jesko hypercars to ever be built. This example pays homage to the iconic “Phoenix” Agera RS with its lustrous carbon skin and 24-karat gold accents.

Unveiled in 2019 as the Agera’s replacement, this Jesko channels its predecessor’s famous bespoke styling. Every exterior panel wears exposed carbon fiber coated in a gold-flecked clear coat. Accents like the front canards and wing mirrors glimmer in applied gold leaf. Badging and pinstripes continue the gilded theme.

This Jesko wears the “Attack” track variant tune with aggressive aero for maximizing downforce. The rear wing, splitter, and diffuser generate ample adhesion, while the “Absolut” variant favors slippery speed over grip.

Under the skin, all Jeskos pack the same 1,600 hp twin-turbo V8 on E85 or 1,280 hp on pump gas. This 5.0-liter force pairs with a 9-speed multi-clutch gearbox for weaponized acceleration.

With only 125 Jeskos to be built, this golden example embodies the marque’s obsessive engineering and inaccessibility. It summons the presence of its Agera forebear while cementing the Jesko’s status as Koenigsegg’s newest hypercar royalty.

For collectors, this singular machine offers entry into rarefied air through carbon, gold, and extreme performance. Its bespoke touches pay homage to an icon, even as the Jesko carves its own legend in this Midas-touched example.

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