Time Dances: Hermès Arceau Belles du Mexique Captures Heritage on Dial

Time Dances: Hermès Arceau Belles du Mexique Captures Heritage on Dial

Published: December 15, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

The vibrant Jarabe Tapatío folk dance, Mexico’s whirling embodiment of joie de vivre, has inspired Hermès’ latest horological ode to artistry: the Arceau Belles du Mexique. Virginie Jamin’s 2007 scarf design for Hermès, entitled “Belles du Mexique,” has leapt from silk to the carousel of haute horlogerie.

Like a Matisse painting in motion, the dial blooms with fourteen hand-painted dancers, their dresses blossoming in fuchsia, tangerine, emerald and azurite. Half of them pirouette freely on a sprung axis, spinning with the wearer’s movement. They waltz amongst 23 diamonds, while fellow dancers along the periphery, though static, remain resplendent.

This vivid Mexican fiesta unfolds within a 38mm white gold case, its bezel channeling Mexico’s mineral riches with 82 encrusted diamonds. The H1912 automatic movement animating this scene lets the folk dance unfold up to 50 hours.

With crimson or coral alligator straps, these miniaturist masterpieces makes one’s wrist a portable MoMA. Yet only 24 examples exist, equally divided in orange and pink liveliness. At $69,800, such pesos procure only the privilege of wearing portable Mexican history.

Of course, Hermès clientele hardly flinch at such sums for wearable art. The Parisian House has elevated craft to cultured luxury across silk scarves, leather handbags and now Mexican folk art. With the Belles du Mexique, they harness the radiant soul of Latin American culture, underscoring how artistry needs no grand scale to impart timeless joy, whether in a collectible scarf or on the wrist.

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