A Tale of Two Tourbillons: Breguet Starlit Night and Stunning Sight Unveiled

A Tale of Two Tourbillons: Breguet Starlit Night and Stunning Sight Unveiled

Published: December 1, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Within the annals of Breguet’s luminary catalog, one might stumble upon a trove of bejeweled timepieces that pirouette in an imitative dance of flora under the heavens—a symphony of mechanical and jeweled artistry. Among these, the Crazy Flower series twirls with petal-like diamonds that evoke the very mysteries of nature. For within Breguet’s firmament, the marriage of gem-setting and horological innovation is approached with a reverence equal to the crafting of its renowned watch complications. As the season of shimmer descends, Breguet unfurls two new gem-bedecked tourbillon models, the Classique Tourbillon 3358, where high jewelry embraces high horology in a maelstrom of dramatic opulence.

Behold the Starlit Night, an odyssey in white gold, cradling a varnished midnight blue dial beneath a constellation of white gold-set diamonds, whilst a leathery strap of midnight blue alligator clasps the wrist. A serenade in azure, it boasts a shooting star-shaped tourbillon bridge, with snow-set diamonds and a blue spinel at its core.

Its twin, the Stunning Sight, emerges in the warm embrace of rose gold, its dial a firmament of 281 hand-picked diamonds, girded by a chapter ring of purest white. Cradled within are the rose-cut diamond crown and the smile of its tourbillon bridge, adorned with a constellation of its own.

Each exquisite timepiece exudes the heritage of Breguet—fluted casings, stylized numerals, and the telltale hands—yet, surrenders to the spectacle of the tourbillon through an oval aperture. The beating heart, a calibre of supreme craftsmanship and a 50-hour reservoir of time’s flow, can be glimpsed through a caseback of sapphire.

Designed for the maximalist whose mantra is excess in its most divine form, these timepieces are not for the humble wrist nor for the meek occasion. With the Starlit Night priced at the sum of $143,400, and the Stunning Sight at $153,600, Breguet continues to be the celestial caretaker of time for those whose moments are etched in perpetuity.


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