Going Out in Style: ‘Ghoster’ Hearse Uses Rolls-Royce Ghost As Base

Going Out in Style: ‘Ghoster’ Hearse Uses Rolls-Royce Ghost As Base

Published: November 23, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

In the realm of eternal repose, where luxury transcends the mortal coil, Biemme Special Cars of Italia hath rendered the Rolls-Royce Ghost into a chariot befitting one’s final journey—a hearse dubbed ‘Ghoster’, swathed in opulence. Resplendent with the sedan’s signature rear-hinged portals and a cabin of sumptuous indulgence, it boasts a sepulchral chamber grand enough for the most regal coffin.

Crafting such a distinguished vision of funerary elegance is a feat of Herculean measure, yet the Ghoster emerges, a phantasm of sleek design, mirroring its vehicular sibling from bumper’s fore to windshield’s crest. Its roof, rising skyward like the ascent of a soul, is of hood’s same hue, embraced by windows vast and framed in lustrous splendor, perched atop a wheelbase of extraordinary length. Beneath steely panels and tubular bones, Biemme whispers of unfathomable expanse and luxury, where once lay the Ghost, now resides the Ghoster.

Within this sanctum of transit, the lavishness of the living abounds: wood and leather in repose, options abundant as stars in the ether—a symphony of sounds at 1,300 watts, a chiller for ambrosial draughts, connectivity ethereal, and light as from LEDs unseen, behind curtains’ silent fall. The division between the realms of passengers and the departed is unyielding yet clear, and the bier, powered and radiant, is cradled in trim akin to the seats of honor afore.

Untouched by the reaper’s hand, the mechanical heart beats on – a V12 of twin-turbocharged force, promising haste unhampered by the heft of this stately conversion. As mortals ponder the price of such a vessel, let it be known that the mortal Ghost commands a sum near $350,000, and so the Ghoster, though price unstated, is destined to command a tithe still grander.


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