Garmin’s MARQ Smartwatch Collection Sculpted in Carbon

Garmin’s MARQ Smartwatch Collection Sculpted in Carbon

Published: October 19, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

In the ever-advancing realm of technology, Garmin pushes the envelope with the unveiling of their exquisite MARQ Carbon collection. Clad in intricately woven carbon fiber of unmatched strength and minimal mass, these luxury timepieces represent the pinnacle of Garmin’s expertise. Each model embodies a unique purpose—the MARQ Athlete, a stalwart companion monitoring the body’s feats and vitals; the MARQ Golfer, providing guidance amidst verdant fairways; and the MARQ Commander, outfitted for endeavors of a more tactical nature.

Yet while tailored to distinct pursuits, all are bound by peerless craftsmanship and sophisticated capabilities. Their sapphire crystals gleam above vibrant AMOLED displays, while fused carbon cases, distilled from 130 meticulously aligned layers, flow seamlessly into titanium bezels and buttons. The precious carbon, 62% lighter than titanium yet even hardier, bears a mesmerizing spiral motif.

With GPS and heart rate tracking to detailed sports analytics and sleep monitoring, these progressive wristwatches want for little. Their technology rivals even luxury mechanical timepieces, while two-year warranties and long-lasting components ensure enduring value. Priced around $3,000, the MARQ Carbon series may exceed the budget of the common consumer, but for those seeking to adorn their wrists with both advanced utility and carbon fiber artistry, Garmin presents enticing new options.


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