A Mix of Memphis Milles: Richard Mille Channels 80s Color and Whimsy

A Mix of Memphis Milles: Richard Mille Channels 80s Color and Whimsy

Published: October 5, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

With a fanciful flourish of color, Richard Mille has unveiled three new iterations of its RM 07-01 model, kindling nostalgia for the exuberance of 1980s Italian art. The compact yet complex timepiece, graced with a gem-flecked dial, now blooms in vivid hues evocative of the Memphis Design movement.

Encased in colorful TZP ceramic with 18k white gold contours, these watches blend boldness with sophistication. Their dials captivate with Memphis-inspired motifs in ceramic, rubber and diamonds, arranged in playful geometrics against a skeletonized background. Here, extravagance intertwines with technical ingenuity in true Richard Mille fashion.

Pastel petals of pink, lavender and blue transform the RM 07-01’s tonneau case into a postmodern canvas. With sapphire portals above and below, the watch reveals its automatic caliber and rotating gold rotor. Though once deemed a feminine model, these new releases transcend gender – their appeal is universal.

Straps woven of velcro in contrasting shades gift each piece a bespoke beauty. Limited in number but not numbered editions, these colorful complications retail for $205,000.

With these new timepieces, Richard Mille once again proves itself a virtuoso of the avant-garde. Blending nostalgia and innovation, the brand boldly channels the fervor of 1980s Italian arts. These watches don’t just tell time, they tell a story – one of verve, imagination and timeless artistic taste.

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