2024 BAC Mono Refines Beloved Formula for Lightweight Speed

2024 BAC Mono Refines Beloved Formula for Lightweight Speed

Published: September 22, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

At Monterey Car Week, British manufacturer BAC unveiled the new Mono, an evolution of their beloved lightweight single-seater sports car. Cloaked in graphene-enhanced carbon fiber, the svelte speedster sheds weight while gaining refinement.

Though its 311 horsepower four-cylinder lacks its predecessor’s thrust, the Mono’s power-to-weight ratio still enables 2.7-second sprints to 60mph. New forged internals and carbon components optimize performance, while adjustable dampers add tunability. An advanced sequential gearbox teams with tailored Pirelli tires to put power down.

This reimagined Mono encapsulates BAC’s ethos of driver-focused engineering. Its compact footprint hides advanced aerodynamics and race-tuned suspension, with interiors pared down to an immersive cockpit. Already in production before debuting at The Quail gathering, deliveries commence soon.

According to BAC’s chairman, launching the new Mono at the prestigious Monterey Car Week punctuates the brand’s rising trajectory. Five years ago, BAC was a niche sports car startup; now their creations hold court alongside legends. With its new model, BAC honors their heritage while accelerating into the future.

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