MB&F’s $490K HM9 Sapphire Vision Reveals Inner Mechanical Theater

MB&F’s $490K HM9 Sapphire Vision Reveals Inner Mechanical Theater

Published: September 14, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

In horology’s cosmos, MB&F’s audacious HM9 remains the mothership—a sculptural spaceship for the wrist. Now the watchmaker reveals the HM9 Sapphire Vision, cloaking this retro-futurist icon in crystalline radiance. Five meticulously cut sapphires immerse the inner mechanics in mesmeric luminosity.

Encased in precious metals and sapphire, the 57mm HM9 retains intergalactic proportions, its bulbous asymmetry evoking handcrafted sci-fi visions. Yet ergonomic finesse tempers the visual theatrics, balancing display with wearability.

Within, a 301-part “engine” channels midcentury aeronautics, suspended balances ticking independently while turbines spin in hypnotic reverie. The vertical dial relays time with sculpted hands, Arabic numerals glowing against sapphire.

By enveloping their kinetic artwork in translucent sheathing, MB&F spotlights imagination unbound. This bold time-telling spaceship makes tangible our collective fantasies of futurity. For $490,000, collectors pilot an intrepid vessel exploring horizons where engineering and artistry seamlessly merge.

The HM9 Sapphire Vision crystallizes this cross-disciplinary convergence into a resplendent reality. Unhinged, yet complete; painstakingly conceived, yet playfully whimsical—such paradoxical fusion remains MB&F’s calling card. These sapphire-sheathed sculptures once again extend horological dimensions into boundless possibility.


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