Pininfarina’s PURA Vision Concept Previews ‘Luxury Utility Vehicle’

Pininfarina’s PURA Vision Concept Previews ‘Luxury Utility Vehicle’

Published: September 1, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Perhaps positioning itself as a production car manufacturer for the autonomous highway of the near future, Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina has a new concept to show off: PURA Vision. The glimpse into the shape of driving to come is a crossover-come-SUV; Pininfarina has its own body style and associated acronym to identify it, and market it should it come to pass: LUV, or ‘Luxury-Utility Vehicle’.

The title harkens back to the original sense of luxury that made early SUVs like the Range Rover, G-Class, Wagoneer or Land Cruiser hits in suburbia: space. The Pininfarina LUV’s spatial feel is exuberant via its huge, observation-style greenhouse up top.

The LUV’s other nifty details include ‘lounge’ doors — the design has its antecedent in a Battista Farina design from the forward-looking 1950s — an always-on nanofiber light bar (in lieu of headlamps), 23-inch alloy wheels, exposed carbon fiber components, and a litany of carefully considered cosmetic details that culminates in the anodized aluminum belt that bisects the car where the body meets the greenhouse.

The PURA Vision’s shape is in line with other near-future concepts, but its design language is far from derivative. Like many autonomous concepts, the PURA Vision champions the ‘mobile lounge’ layout, and the interior has been designed with an eye toward face-to-face socializing and business meetings. The design inspiration for the cabin was apparently the sailboat, or more specifically sailing; seats have been designed to give a ‘floating’ sensation underway.

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