Taiga Makes Bigger Waves With ‘Orca Performance’ PWC

Taiga Makes Bigger Waves With ‘Orca Performance’ PWC

Published: August 18, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Propelling electric watercraft into the mainstream, EV manufacturer Taiga Motors recently unveiled the Orca Performance PWC. Priced at $19,490, the emissions-free model promises uncompromising performance alongside environmental stewardship.

The Orca’s latest iteration is the result of six years of R&D. A sleek new hull makes for for agile handling and stability. A seamlessly integrated lithium-ion battery, engineered to withstand marine environments, enables up to two hours of silent cruising with minimal maintenance. The Orca Performance accelerates instantly thanks to a beefier motor-inverter Tractive Unit; it can reach a top speed of 62 mph.

Yet Orca excels beyond performance. Its closed-loop, winterization-free system protects waterways by eliminating pollutants. A 30dB noise reduction fosters peaceful coastlines. Integrated controls allow riders to customize between range, sport and extreme modes for optimized riding. Smart trimming dynamically shifts the craft’s attitude while an inverted impeller enables quick braking or debris clearing.

The Orca Performance’s connectivity options include over-the-air updates and an accompanying app.


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